About Our Property Inspections

As a skilled home inspector I have the training, knowledge and experience needed to look for any visual signs of defects in your home. Remember, the purpose of a home inspection, is to decrease your chances of any present or future problems that may occur, that would cost you thousands of dollars and headaches. In the end, the home inspection is a tool you can use to be a better informed home buyer. Is is worth the time and money to have a complete home inspection before you buy your home.

Simply put, as your home inspector I will get my hands on and inspect just about everything in your home. From the top of your chimney to the wonderful destination called a crawlspace. (You’re more than welcome to follow me in there if you would like) And of course everything in between.

Here is a more detailed look at some of the items I will inspect, probe, test and evaluate while inspecting your home

  • FOUNDATIONS and framing, the flooring, wall structure, ceiling structure and the roof
  • EXTERIOR flashing and trim, exterior doors, decks, balconies, stoops, patios, eaves, soffits and facias when accessible from the ground
  • ROOFING: roofing materials, roof drainage systems, flashing, skylights, chimneys and other roof penetrations
  • PLUMBING: interior water supply and distribution systems, drain, waste and vent systems, water heating equipment, sump pumps, describe supply, drain and waste system materials
  • ELECTRICAL: The service drop, service entrance into your home, main service and sub-panels
  • HEATING: Evaluate vent system, flues, and chimneys. Describe energy source. Open readily accessible panels. Test for gas leaks and carbon monoxide.
  • INTERIORS: Walls, ceilings and floors, steps, handrails and stairways, representative number of cabinets.
  • INSULATION & VENTILATION: attic, crawlspace, vapor barriers

As the owner of Statewide Property Inspections, my name and reputation is on the line each with every inspection I do. Your home inspection with me will be educational, informative, and most of all a good experience for you.

Scott W. Anderson, owner of Statewide Property Inspections

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